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Managed futures investments are intended to generate long-term capital growth and provide global portfolio diversification. A primary reason to invest in a managed futures product, is to provide a non-correlated investment to a portfolio of traditional stock and bond investments that has the potential to improve returns and lower the portfolio's volatility. This is possible because managed futures products historically have not been correlated to traditional markets, such as stocks and bonds.

NameDateMTDYTDAnn. PerfCum. Perf
Superfund Gold L.P. Series A-1**11/18/20144.0 %2.2 %3.3 %20.4 %
Superfund Gold L.P. Series A-2***11/18/20144.0 %4.0 %6.0 %38.6 %
Superfund Gold L.P. Series B-1**11/18/20145.0 %6.5 %1.0 %5.8 %
Superfund Gold L.P. Series B-2**11/18/20145.1 %8.4 %2.9 %17.5 %

abbreviations: Ann. Perf = Annualized Performance, Cum. Perf = Cumulative Performance

NameDateMTDYTDAnn. PerfCum. Perf
Superfund Green, L.P. Series A*11/18/20142.1 %2.9 %1.9 %25.1 %
Superfund Green, L.P. Series B*11/18/20143.4 %8.0 %2.9 %40.5 %

abbreviations: Ann. Perf = Annualized Performance, Cum. Perf = Cumulative Performance

important notice for all investors

Superfund Capital Management, Inc., the commodity pool operator of Superfund Green, L.P. and Superfund Gold, L.P. (collectively, the “Funds”), has decided not to renew the registration statements for units in the Funds, thereby closing the Funds to new investments. Beginning May 1, 2014, you may no longer invest additional assets in the Funds.
Both Funds will continue to operate and trade with the assets that are currently invested, and you will continue to receive monthly account statements and fund income statements from Superfund Capital Management.
Superfund Capital Management remains fully committed to the management and operation of these Funds and looks forward to maintaining its presence in the managed futures industry well into the future.
Please feel free to contact Heather Kelly at (312) 239-2234 with any questions you may have.

Copyright Superfund. All rights reserved.

Superfund Gold L.P. Series A-2 Units and Series B-2 Units are not subject to selling commissions.
Cumulative performance and Annualized performance are represented from the respective fund's inception date.

* Performance returns are compounded. Inception date: Nov. 1, 2002
** Performance returns are compounded. Inception date: April 1, 2009
*** Performance returns are compounded. Inception date: May 1, 2009

The NAVs provided above are merely estimates and are updated weekly


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Performance reported is net of all fees and expenses associated with an investment in the funds.
Funds are speculative and highly leveraged. Therefore, performance is expected to be volatile and the investor could lose all or substantially all of his or her investment.
There is no secondary market for the funds nor is one expected to develop.
Redemptions of units in the funds are subject to certain restrictions. For example, redemptions can occur only at the end of a month.

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